Restricted Access

The following is a list of caves where access is either restricted or has been cut off – see also the related news posts at the bottom of this page. As the situation can change dramatically in a very short period, cavers are requested to check local knowledge. Remember, it is normal and recommended that all cavers where possible request access permission from the landowner responsible.

If you are unsure of access to any cave, please contact our conservation and access officers at

Co. Clare

The following caves in the Clare area have access restrictions currently in place.

Poll na GrAI

A new wall has been built around the cave entrance here, please be careful crossing the wall – if you knock a rock off put two back.

Poll an Ionain: Td Craggycorradan West

This cave opened as a show cave in 2006, there is no access for cavers beyond the show-cave tour.

Poll na gCeim

Access to this cave is currently not available. This is due to the lack of respect shown to the landowner by cavers in the past e.g. damage to walls etc. Negotiations are ongoing, please respect the current ban.

Glencurran Cave

Glencurran Cave, situated in the Burren National Park, is a site of archaeological and natural importance. Entry is fully permitted to current SUI members by way of obtaining a key for the gate installed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The SUI key holders in Clare are John Sweeney and Colin Bunce. It is important to note that entry will not be permitted at roosting times (November to March) due to the presence of Lesser Horseshoe Bats.

Inch Cave: Td Inch / Kilmailey

Cavers are advised to avoid this cave in Winter because of a large number of hibernating Horseshoe bats.


Because of its important bat population this cave has been gated.

Doolin River Cave

Please note there has been a rockfall in Doolin River Cave. It is in the low wet crawl between the Doolin road sink and the Smithy Grotto. Four rocks have dropped down and there is a lot of loose material above them. A route has now been cleared under the fallen material but this will only be usable in low water conditions. Another route has been made by the Clare Caving Club beside and over the fallen rocks which should be usable in any weather conditions. However one of the large rocks has a crack through it and will probably move again soon. CAUTION IS ADVISED.

Co. Fermanagh

The following caves in the Fermanagh / Cavan area have access restrictions currently in place.

Marble Arch System

This system is extensively gated and access has been negotiated by SUI on behalf of registered bona-fide cavers. Those cavers seeking access should write to The Manager, Marble Arch Cave centre, Marlbank, Florencecourt, Co. Fermanagh.

West Gorge – Bruces Pot – Cuilcagh Mountain Car PArk

Access here is currently under negotiation, the landowner has begun charging for use of Cuilcagh Mountain Car Park due to the popularity of the Mountain Boardwalk. Parking alongside the verges outside the car park is NOT acceptable and the landowner has stated that cave access will be restricted if this continues. Currently payment for use of the car park or walking from somewhere with acceptable parking are the only options.

Pollaraftara – Legland Rising Area

Access is strictly by permission of the Landowner.

Parking for the Cave is currently in the process of being re-negotiated. Currently parking along the public road is the only acceptable location, ensure you do not block access ways or the roadway. Do not park anywhere beyond the first cattle grid.


Access is strictly by permission of the Landowner.


Access is strictly by permission of the Landowner.


Access is strictly by permission of the Landowner.

Carrickbeg Rising Cave

Entrance is unstable and some shoring has taken place but currently can be negotiated with care.  For up to date information contact the prior to entering the cave

Cascades Rising Cave

Currently closed due to an unstable entrance. Contact for information.

Boho Caves

Upper ravine area: Should NOT be visited under any circumstances because of roosting bats.

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