SUI Committee 2018/19 Elected

During the SUI AGM hosted at this years SUICRO event the committee for 2018/2019 was elected.

  • Chairperson – Aoife McGuirk
  • Treasurer – Tim O’Connell
  • Honorary and International Secretary – Chris Chapman
  • Membership Secretary – Shane Diffley
  • Training Officer – Artur Lach
  • Public Relations Officer – Adam Prior
  • Northern Conservation Officer – Stephen Sheehan
  • Southern Conservation Officer – Terry Casserly
  • Development Officer – Conor Winchcombe
  • Student Liaison and Anti Doping Officer – Angela Prior
  • Child and Vulnerable Person Protection Officer – Conor Martin
  • SUI Librarian – Matthew Parkes

The committee would like to thank all outgoing members for their work during their tenure and we look forward to continuing to develop caving in Ireland.

SUI Annual General Meeting – Agenda

SUI AGM Agenda

  • Apologies
  • Approval of EGM minutes
  • Chairperson‘s report
  • Honorary Secretary‘s report
  • Treasurer‘s report
  • Expedition Committee’s Report
  • Membership Secretary‘s report
  • Training officers‘ report
  • Conservation and access officers‘ reports
  • Development officers‘ report
  • Student liaison officers‘ report
  • Public relations officers‘ report
  • Librarians Report
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Officers‘ Report
  • Elections
  • Expedition Grants – Securing Future Funding
  • Board of Directors – Current Directors looking to step aside.
  • Any other business

Please note that after the AGM there will be a brief meeting of the incoming 2019 committee.

SUICRO Agenda 2018 Announced

The SUICRO 2018 Agenda has been announced.
The SUI AGM will be held at 9.30 am on the 27th of October
The ICRO AGM will be held at 9.30 am on the 28th of October

The rules and details for the SUICRO 2018 Photography competition are here
Further Details below!


SUICRO 2018 – Saturday Oct 27 – an overview

SUI AGM 09:30 followed by the Open Forum.

Presentations 19:00 (evening):

BU56 – The View from the Edge, Tony Seddon.

Pegasus Club Projects and Panama 2018 , Pat Cronin.

Cave Diving, Jim Warny.

Cave diving in Sistema Huautla, Chris Jewell.

Workshops time & venues TBC (afternoon):

SRT Self-Rescue

Cave Survival

Photography Underground session

Other events:

ICRO Monster Raffle

Panoramic audio-visual splendour


SUICRO 2018 – Sunday Oct 28 – an overview

ICRO AGM 09:30

Presentations 19:00 (evening):

Ario Dream – The quest for Europe’s Deepest Cave.

A film by Paul Diffley Introduced by Steph Dwyer

Caves, camera, action: Random tales of filming underground

around the world, Tim Fogg.

Dachstein 2018, Joel Corrigan.

Workshops time TBC (afternoon):

Photography post-production workshop

Other events:

Cave Photography Competition

Table Quiz

More to follow…


SRT Self-Rescue

Cave Survival

Photography Underground Session

Photography Post-production


Saturday Oct 27 @ 12:30:
Photography workshop with Robert Mulraney

Cave self rescue SRT and survival skills. Given by various instructors (Full SRT kit and insurance required)

Sunday Oct 28 @ 12:30:
Post production workshop with Axel Hack 

The photography competition is open for entries now.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday Oct 23 @ midnight.
Categories : International. Irish. Newcomer.
Winners will be announced on Saturday night.

Please submit your names for the workshop and competition entries to please see attached information for the photo competition.

Rockfall in Doolin River Cave

Please note there has been a rockfall in Doolin River Cave. It is in the low wet crawl between the Doolin road sink and the Smithy Grotto. Four rocks have dropped down and there is a lot of loose material above them. A route has now been cleared under the fallen material but this will only be usable in low water conditions. Another route has been made by the Clare Caving Club beside and over the fallen rocks which should be usable in any weather conditions. However one of the large rocks has a crack through it and will probably move again soon. CAUTION IS ADVISED.

Cave Rescue in Tham Luang Nang Non

The SUI would like to express our relief at news that the Wild Boar Soccer Team and their Coach have been successfully rescued in Thailand,
We would like to recognise the efforts made by the Thai authorities and the International team of experts that ensured that the rescue operation was successful.
We also wish to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Saman Kunan who tragically lost his life during the operation.

Cave rescue is always a very challenging operation in a unique environment and the majority of rescue teams are entirely voluntary organisations.

The SUI is working with ICRO to ensure that Irish media will have a chance to speak with the Irish cave diver involved in the rescue.
Please keep an eye on the ICRO Facebook page for further updates.
The ICRO Public Relations Officer can be contacted via
The Irish cave diver is safe and well and the SUI and ICRO are very proud of his involvement in the rescue.

If you wish to contribute to the operation of the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation you can do so here.

The latest information regarding the rescue in Thailand can be accessed via the BCRC Facebook page.

SRT 1 Training Course

SRT 1 Training course will take place 19th and 20th of May in Clare.
The cost of course is 130 euros including accomodation.
Candidates are required to have a full membership SUI.
Please send requests to SUI Training Officer

Cave Leader 1 Course – 20-22nd of April

The SUI will run a Cave Leader 1 (formerly BCL) for the weekend of 20-22nd April at Petersburg OEC in Clonbur (North West Galway).

Cost to be €130 which includes all tuition and food and accommodation.

You will need to be a member of SUI and have your own caving gear.
Please pay SUI online (or get someone to do it for you) via
If there are too many people you might not get on the course but we will do our best to accommodate everyone,

To book your place please contact : Una at

SUI Training Team

Expedition Reports Published

It is with great pleasure that the SUI announces the publication of several new (and not so new!) Expedition Reports.

Reports have been released for the following expeditions:

  • Berger 1975
  • Ario 2014
  • Panama 2015
  • Berger 2017
  • Panama 2017
  • Papua new Guinea 2016/17

Of particular note is the publication of the 1975 Berger Expedition

This expedition was a joint venture between cavers from Ireland, South Wales and Mendip and one of the first to use SRT within the system.

We would like to thank Gareth Li Jones and all contributors for producing this report which can be read here

All expedition reports can be read on the SUI expeditions page.