SUI Training Calendar

SUI Training Calendar

Here is the SUI training calendar as it stands for the rest of the year:


Caving Fundamentals Course

A great introduction to the basics of caving, speleology and more.
This course is also needed before progressing to Basic Cave Leader (BCL).
Date: 26th January
Location: Co. Clare
Host: Tim O’Connell

Single Rope Technique (SRT) 2 Training

Instruction on advanced SRT practice and techniques.
Date: 24th March
Location: Co. Fermanagh
Host: Eoghan Lynch

Basic Caver Leader Training

Includes training in safe cave practice, leadership styles and aspects of child protection.
Date: 20th-22nd April
Location: Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre, Co.Galway
Host: Davy Walsh

Single Rope Technique (SRT) 1 Training

Instruction on safe SRT practice and techniques.
Date: 10th-20th May
Location: Co. Clare
Host: Artur Lach

Resin Anchor Course

Date: 9th June
Location: Co. Clare
Host: Terry Casserly

Cave Surveying Course

Training in cave survey fundamentals, techniques and equipment.
Date: May/June (dates to be arranged)
Location: Co. Fermanagh
Host: Petie Barry

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