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The SUI stocks a number of items which are available to purchase

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Payment is accepted in the form of cheque or cash at present


Irish Speleology 20

Irish Speleology Cover 20 Cost 10 euros

P&P 2.50 eur0s





Irish Speleology 19

IS19Cost 5 euros

P&P 2.50 euros






Irish Speleology 18

IS18Cost 5 euros

P&P 2.50 euros





SUI Car Sticker

Cost 1.50 euros

P&P EUR 0.57 (65 cents)



SUICRO T shirts

Cost: Varies

P&P: 2.50 euros (Deliveries outside of Ireland may incur additional charges)

Enquire at for available sizes



Beneath Our Feet: The Caves and Limestone Scenery of the North of Ireland by Tim & Pam Fogg

beneathourfeetHighly informative overview of the caves and limestone features in the whole of Northern Ireland.  Filled with easily comprehensible descriptions and sumptuous photos: a joy to read and an indispensible purchase for anyone interested in caves and caving in this part of Ireland.



Cost 20 euros

P&P 7.50 euros


Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan by Kelly, Fogg, Jones & Burns

COFACThe classic guidebook to the caves of Fermanagh & Cavan including descriptions, history and geology of the caves of one of the most important caving regions in Ireland and a must for any serious caver

Cost 15 euros

P&P 5 euros

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