SUI Alternative Cave Photography Workshop

Main ChamberThe SUI is pleased to announce that the its Photography Workshop which is taking place at SUICRO 2014 on Saturday 25th October at Cahir, Co Tipperary will be a bit alternative! The workshop will be open to members and non-members who have an interest in cave photography.  Expensive, technical equipment will not be required but flashguns will be useful although not essential.  Results will be shown at the evening SUICRO sessions. For more information or to reserve a place email




New to the SUI Shop: Beneath Our Feet by Tim & Pam Fogg

beneathourfeetThe SUI is pleased to announce that it has got its hands on a few copies of the now difficult to obtain ‘Beneath Our Feet: the Caves and Limestone Scenery of the North of Ireland’ by SUI members Tim & Pam Fogg.  This is a classic text giving an overview of the limestones features in Fermanagh and elsewhere in Northern Ireland and is a must for anyone interested in the caves and caving in this part of Ireland.  Visit the SUI Shop here for details of how to order!


Resin Bolt Training Workshop

Resin Fixed AnchorDon’t forget the SUIs resin bolt installation training workshop in Fermanagh on Saturday 12th of July! This training day is open to SUI members and costs 10 euros. The day will focus on the theory and practice of installing resin fixed anchors for caving purposes and is to form part of the SUIs resin bolting programme and run in conjunction with the SUIs Bolting Policy. Formal training opportunities for this type of bolting are few and far between so don’t miss out!  To book your place email