Don’t forget SUI Membership for 2014!

Polnagollum of the BourkeSUI membership for 2013 is about to expire so don’t forget to renew for 2014.  SUI Membership gives insurance, newsletters, discounts at outdoor shops, membership card, access to leadership training (and continued validation of such awards), access to personal skills courses, access to Irish and foreign exploration funding, use of the SUI’s equipment store & private library and much more.  Additionally SUI membership helps Irish caving through support for establishing caving clubs, the annual Irish Student Caving Forum and our annual conference, SUICRO which in turn benefits ICRO through funding.  Membership starts from 40 euros, so for those who cave reguarly in Ireland (or elsewhere) or who simply want to show support for Irish caving why not join?  Click here to sign up!

Resin Fixed Anchor Installation Training 2014

Resin Fixed AnchorAs part of the Exploration and Expedition Skills Programme the SUI is pleased to announce the 2014 Resin Fixed Anchor Installation training day will take place on Saturday 13th July 2014 in Co Fermanagh and will be open to SUI members.  The training day will consist of classroom and practical sessions following the manner set out by the CNCC and is in line with the SUI’s Bolting Policy.  For more information including availability of places, booking prices click here.