Rockfall in Shnnon Cave

Please be aware that there has been major movement in Shannon cave which appears to affect at least 300 m of cave. From the re-birth canal right down to at least the old entrance large rock fall has been noted. It is not known what has caused this movement though it appears it is not flooding related  (a number of stal were broken in fossil parts of the cave). Large fractures have also been spotted in parts of the walls.

It is advisable that people stay out of Shannon cave until a proper assessment is made.

Artur Kozlowski, RIP.

The Speleological Union of Ireland offers its condolences to the family and friends of Artur Kozlowski. Over the last few years Artur has been renowned for pushing Irish cave diving to its furthest limits; this is an unforgiving sport requiring extreme mental and physical fitness but it was Artur’s passion. He had trained originally with the extremely experienced Welsh cave diver Martyn Farr and soon realised the potential for discovering new cave passage in Ireland, returning to and passing many of the limits of Martins’ own Irish dives. Arturs’ discoveries have filled the last two editions of Irish Speleology magazine but his two record breaking dives will probably be his long standing legacy. In 2008 he achieved a record Irish and UK cave dive depth record of 103m in County Mayo; and in 2010 the longest Irish and UK underwater traverse of 4km in County Galway. Artur’s life was devoted to cave diving, he died pursuing his dreams, exploring to the limits.